Blinkware Suite


Firmly rooted in the Malaysian MSC, we are proud to be the inventors of a revolutionary patented suite that transforms conventional user interaction into mind blowing disruptive technology by allowing users to interact through motion & gesture, breathing life back into mundane and ordinary interactive technology.

How does the blinkware suite work?

  • Suite 1

    Blinkware Suite breathes new depth into user experience by utilizing "natural everyday movements" to expand control over daily peripherals, empowering simplicity in our living environment and as well as to provide a platform for those with special needs.

  • Suite 2

    The technology will enable support for most generic hardware like 2D and 3D cameras, compatible operating systems, and basic computer hardware requirements.

  • Suite 3

    This Gesture Recognition platform allows for real time image processing, integration of captured images with an intricate set of algorithmic coding that will ensure the accurate tracking of movement, body gesture and actions, translating these information into intricate commands and functions in the Blinkware Architecture.

Cross industry application

Blinkware Suite has been strategically developed to allow offshoot products to leverage its platform to drive industry specific revenue streams. Unlike competitors with single focussed business models either in hardware development or entertainment products, Blinkware Suite moves into hardcore cutting edge technology which includes break through innovations for Big Data, Health and Education industries.