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RGOS provides users with comprehensive real time behavioural reporting, analysis of consumer interaction, and users’ advertising and branding campaigns in real-time "live" environments. Every interaction of user with system is captured and converted to meaningful data reports marketing data analytics. All this information is crucial for businesses in their decision-making process, which often requires months to obtain.

Mind Bogglers

mind bogglers

Mind bogglers aims to introduce an exciting new medium to enhance children's learning by introducing gesture games with key teaching elements including alphabets, numbers, shapes and colours. By utilising gesture and motion, children are able to learn coordination at an early age.

Marksman Redefining Control


Marksman is a platform that will enable surgeons and doctors to control their operating environment more effectively and efficiently through motion and gesture control. Marksman builds on top of our existing Blinkware Suite with an expansion to create a platform that is hardware agnostic to include wearable devices and voice commands.