Building world class “Creative Digital Interactive Technology” delivering immersive and memorable experiences.

Blinkware Technology is recognised as a major force in building “Creative Digital Interactive Technology” with core strengths in leveraging mainstream hardware to deliver world standard digital experiences.

Housing a talented mix of designers, animators and programmers with diverse capabilities has enabled Blinkware to take the global market by storm delivering a unique mix of skilful interactive technologies sprinkled with a touch of creative finesse.


Motion & Gesture

Blinkware’s patented optical technology enables the accurate tracking of the human hand, skeletal form and motion behaviour on 2D cameras. Integrated with rich content breathes depth and excitement to traditional mundane digital platforms enabling users to interact with their environment through motion and gesture.

Whether it be traditional displays, projection mapping, augmented or virtual reality; coupled with our motion and gesture engine is assured to keep audiences captivated.


Creative Content

We believe that creative content and technology have to complement each other to enhance the total user experience. Our in-house team of professional digital creative designers are geared to deliver cutting edge designs and branding strategies to the requirements of our clients.


Projection Mapping

We're not just projection mapping experts; we're a group of exhibitionists who like to challenge ourselves to go beyond our capabilities. An astounded audience equals a job well done. If it’s never been done before, we will figure it out.

3D projection mapping displays with motion control is our specialty, but by no means limited to that, we art direct and animate, project, produce and develop, creating amazing, captivating experiences that get the whole world buzzing.


Touch Screen

At Blinkware we build highly functional touch applications for all types of audiences. Skilled and experienced, our international team of in-house programmers allow us to develop for large environments or smaller requirements with strengths in Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

From the simple, to custom made, we have the know how to challenge the boundaries and deliver solutions of all types and complexities.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a digitally enhanced view of the real world. Everyday objects, images and places are turned into new opportunities for engagement through captivating augmented reality experiences. Watch everything come to life with graphics, animations, video, audio and 3D content, moreover with integration to our motion and gesture engine brings experiences literally to life.