Who we are

The Company

Blinkware Technology founded in August 2013 is a revolutionary pioneer of motion & gesture platforms with key strengths in media, education, data analytics and medical technology. Housing a hybrid team of talented programmers, designers, animators, and technicians with diverse capabilities, we have taken the global market by storm with a unique mix of skillful interactive technologies sprinkled with a touch of creative finesse. Blinkware Technology has been identified as one of Asia's fastest growing technology companies as awarded by the Red Herring. In 2017, Blinkware Technology successfully brought on board one of Asia’s leading Venture Capitalists "Vickers Venture Partners" and acquired Shanghai based 2D Camera Technology powerhouse "Mobinex" to position Blinkware firmly as the pre-eminent provider of Motion and Gesture technology in South East Asia.

The People

The management of Blinkware Technology is under the perusal of key strategic positions which enables the company to operate dynamically and focussed, while ensuring scalability in future developments, product management, user experience & innovation, market share and client management. The experienced and talented senior management team comprise of: